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Arizona Business Planning and Resources

AZ Business Resource is for planning, launching, and growing your business in Arizona.

Wishing you success in your business ventures!

 Our website is designed to help entrepreneurs confidently step into action and turn your business dreams into reality.

The information and resources that you will discover in the following pages was prepared by attorneys, seasoned business professional and business organizations. 

While the lawyers require us to tell you that we are not providing you with legal advice, we are providing you with an abundance of information, tools and resources to help you as you venture into entrepreneurship.

We are excited to support you as you explore your options and take inspired steps to form or grow your business. 

Maximum productivity

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Starting A Business

A new business owner has so many things to think about when starting a new business. This is an exciting time and a scary time – a time of adventures and unknowns. As a new business owner, be prepared to embrace change, expect the unexpected and enjoy what unfolds. We’ve compiled a variety of articles to assist you as you begin your new venture.


Business owners need an excellent business accountant on their team.  The accountant is one of the most important strategic advisors to help the business owner understand the financial and accounting issues that have an impact on the organization.  If you are just getting started in a business, an accountant or experienced bookkeeper can help you set up your accounting system and teach you how to

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Legal Resources

Everyone eventually needs legal resources for either their business or personal life. What most people don’t realize is that personal issues can interfere with your business. Having legal resources will free up valuable time needed to build or grow your business. Whether it is for intellectual property, employment law, or a personal injury claim it is always good to know who to call.