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Address Update with the AZ Corporation Commission

Address Update with the AZ Corporation Commission Print

It is important that all your Company information on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is current information at all times.  If you have changed any of the following information, a Statement of Change should be filed with the ACC to update this information:

  • The LLC’s Known Place of Business
  • The address of Members or Managers
  • The address of the Statutory Agent
  • The person who serves as the Company’s Statutory Agent

If you want to make any other kind of change (i.e. changing the name of your company or add/removing members), please contact our office.  You will need to file an Amendment to the original Articles of Organization.

Updating your LLC’s information is as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1)  Log-in and review the Process Overview: We’ll give you a detailed overview of the entire process of filing a Statement of Change so you know what to expect.

STEP 2) Complete the Questionnaire: Complete our simple questionnaire that will collect all the information we need to create your Statement of Change.

STEP 3) Purchase the Services: Pay quickly and securely through our online system.

Leave the rest to us!

Ready to get started? Click the “Start Now” button to the right. Login and click “Step One” to begin the process!


Address Update with the AZ Corporation Commission


Package Details
Prepare & File Statement of ChangeIncluded

Total Charge:

Additional Package Options
Priority Rush Service Filing – Your documents are filed with the Corporation Commission within 1-3 days of receiving the signed Articles (instead of the normal 11-14 days).