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Disability for PTSD

Have you gone through a traumatic event that has left you stressed and exhibiting signs of PTSD? You may qualify for disability for PTSD, and National Disability Benefits is here to help you file and obtain it.

PTSD is a disability

PTSD symptoms can range from mildly severe to severely disruptive. When the effects of PTSD are debilitating, it is considered a disability. When it gets severe, PTSD ultimately affects a person’s daily functions resulting in:

  • Inability to function well in a social setting
  • Affects a person’s productivity at work
  • Leads to absenteeism both at work and in school
  • Reduces a person’s educational and occupational success
  • Can lead them to become physically inactive

Usually, the outcomes of most PTSD cases end well. Close to half of all adults suffering from it recover entirely within three months, but some people live with it for longer. When these effects prolong and become limiting for years, PTSD becomes a disability that one can receive benefits for.

Which types of PTSD benefits do I qualify for?

There are two main types of disability for PTSD programs you can apply for. The two government-operated programs are the:

  • SSI (the Supplementary Security Income) – this program offers financial assistance to individuals with little to no income including those suffering from PTSD and mental illnesses.
  • SSDI (the Social Security Disability Insurance)  – this benefit is available to anyone who was diligent in paying Social Security through their employment.

To receive the SSI benefits, you must live below the poverty line and have little to no access to any other financial resources. PTSD alone will not give you access to this program, even if you are currently not working. On the other hand, SSDI qualifies you for PTSD benefits regardless of your income level or where you are on the poverty line. You automatically qualify for PTSD benefits under SSDI as long as you’ve been paying Social Security taxes throughout employment and meet the required PTSD disability criteria.

How can I get disability for PTSD?

You can get benefits for PTSD through meeting the necessary Social Security requirements or obtaining a medical-vocational allowance. Social Security requirements include experiencing extreme anxiety, recurrent flashbacks, or nightmares. These episodes may be emotionally disturbing and must interfere with your daily life. A qualified doctor should give medical evidence indicating the symptoms and how they affect your daily life.  

We are able to help you understand the claim options you can make under these programs so you can get the maximum benefits available to you. With our services, you will not pay any fees until your claim is successful. You will also avoid common mistakes most people make that lead to unsuccessful applications as well as unnecessary delays. We'll make sure you will receive the support you need to get the necessary benefits.

With National Disability Benefits, you submit a successful disability application which guarantees you’re getting the maximum disability for PTSD you deserve. 

Are you curious to know if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits? If eligible, you could get up to $2,788 a month and get the financial compensation you need.

Take this FREE one minute online survey to see how much you may qualify to receive.

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