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Excellent Resources For Creating Custom Business Cards

Variety of business cards
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Business Cards

I have ordered several business cards for different businesses I either owned or were part of.  I have tried several websites to create business cards, some are challenging, not-intuitive, and had a difficult time uploading images.

The type of cards you are looking for will determine where you should get them.

Cheap and Simple

I have found many times that a cheap and easy card will suffice for many circumstances. My favorite place for this is That’s right Costco has business cards, are you surprised? For only $19.99 plus taxes you can get 500 cards in about 7-10 days. While there is only one card stock size and type with limited options, they have been very effective.

Premium Styling and Options

There are a number of premium business card options. One is, they offer unique options such as square cards that can help you stand out amongst the regular cards most people have. Of course, they do cost more than the cheap and simple cards.

Full-Service Printing Solution

Another option I have personally used when I need multiple branded items such as brochures, banners, etc is a multi-service printing company. This particular one offers a large variety of cards including thick cards with a colored edge, I find these standout and really get people’s attention when handing them out. I get these from

Before making a decision

There are many places online to get business cards. The important thing is to decide what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay. One final bit of advice double-check all of your information is correct and correctly spelled. There is nothing more unprofessional than misspellings on a business card. If you re just starting out I suggest getting the cheap cards, you can always upgrade later.

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