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family based immigration San Antonio

Statistics will not tell you the whole story of immigration struggles. However, the people who go through the traumas and joys of immigration have the absolute truth. The United States is a country with a constant infusion of newcomers but seldom gives the same grace to the latest newcomers. The good news is that thousands of people manage to beat these age-old challenges to be natural citizens. The majority of these success stories involve San Antonio family Immigration attorneys who know the process and can help in the assimilation of siblings, spouses, parents, and other family members. Also see our spanish help : abogados de inmigración en san antonio texas

How family-based immigration in San Antonio works

The family route

Using the family route to become a US citizen includes two options:

Immediate family

Sponsorship by US citizens to assimilate immediate family like spouses, unmarried children, and parents. Immediate family members can only sponsor their relative if they meet the following conditions:

  • A spouse
  • An unmarried child below 21 years old
  • A parent who is at least 21 years old
  • An orphan adopted outside the US
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Married children of US citizens, including their spouses and minor children

US citizens cannot sponsor distant family members like cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, and grandparents.

Green cardholders

Sponsorship by green card holders to assimilate spouses, unmarried minors, and adult children

Understanding the immigration process for relatives

Foreign nationals who have permission to work and live in the United States have the title of permanent legal residents. The resident must prove their financial capability to sponsor the relative through their stay.

Number of immigrants allowed with family-based immigration

The San Antonio family-based immigration accounts for many domestic workers, local communities, and the national fabric. How many people does the country allow one to sponsor under the family-based immigration law?

In the past, each immigrant could sponsor an average of 3.5 relatives, including children and spouses. The current immigration law allows US citizens and permanent residents to bring over candidates with the proper family ties. The family-based immigration law allows up to 480,000 visas each year. The bottom line is that there are no numerical limits for the number of people one can sponsor because the limit lies around the closeness of the family tie. Additionally, the system also favors educated and worked-skilled relatives.

Benefits of the family-based immigration in San Antonio

Socio-economic benefits

Families support the social and economic statuses of newcomers. Mainly, people who arrive on a family-based visa have resources to navigate the system and a better standpoint to gain employment or a business as soon as possible.

Community improvement

Family ties facilitate the formation of immigration communities to offer a fertile ground for community businesses. Finally, it is worth noting that ethnic neighborhoods play a significant role in revitalizing major American cities.

Sustain women’s labor participation

Immigrant women who can find employment fast play a critical role in the household’s wellbeing. Therefore, they assure a rise of the future workforce and play a critical role contributing to the community’s wellness.

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family based immigration San Antonio

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family based immigration San Antonio

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