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Important Lessons on the Road to Entrepreneurship

road to success
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The Road to Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you will continue to learn lessons on a daily basis.  It’s important to remember why you are in business for yourself.  Develop your own personal style.  You need to focus on your passion and your goals.  Set goals and build in a timeline for the goals with an action plan to hit them. Reaffirm your goals daily.   Make it a priority to educate yourself – read, attend conferences, network with other business owners.  Embrace change – it’s inevitable, so learn to roll with it and make it your friend, not your enemy.  NETWORK – network with people who can take you to the next level, join professional associations and develop a professional network of advisors and mentors.  Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them – fail forward.

I’ll leave you with some insight from Harvey Mackay regarding making “character” your best characteristic:  “When you turn off the lights at the end of the day, you may have made or lost money, you may have won or lost customers, you may have made good or bad decisions.  But if you have come through the day with your character intact, you haven’t lost anything that can’t be regained.  Once you compromise your character, however, that’s the beginning of the end.  And you will always come home the loser.”  Mackay provides the following guidelines to keep your character intact:

Never compromise character because of your competition
Character follows you wherever you go
Building character is difficult, but rebuilding it is even harder
Don’t blame your upbringing for your mistakes
Get used to doing the right thing
Be honest with yourself.

I encourage you to make your business uniquely your own, have fun and keep building your character!  Here’s to your success!

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