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Lawyer Parker County

Lawyer Parker County

The Law Office of Mark E. Harden ranks as a reputed legal firm for estate planning, probate, and guardianship services. Mark E. Harden is a leading lawyer in Parker County with over 20 years of experience and an excellent track record. Here is a list of our areas of practice:

  • Estate planning

Creating a valid will or trust is crucial for the court to rule your estate plan enforceable. We help clients meet specific legal requirements and ensure that their assets get distributed to their heirs in their intended manner. Mark E. Harden makes sure that your will or trust is enforceable under Texas law. If you have ambitious goals for your assets, our attorney can guide you on the right path with his legal knowledge and experience. We are among the premier law firms specializing in creating a personalized estate plan. Our team of top-rated lawyers understands the goals you wish to accomplish and drafts a customized estate plan that best meets your needs.

  • Guardianships

While divorce is never easy for anyone, our compassionate, experienced, and skilled attorney can reduce the stress involved in fighting a child custody case. We offer expert legal guidance, help clients navigate through the legal complexities, and take care of the legal formalities for them. Our attorney has helped hundreds of divorced couples have a seamless transition into their new life by reducing the bitterness and stress involved in child custody matters. Besides, our legal attorney is highly sought-after for his ability to ensure a speedy resolution in child custody cases.

  • Probate

Probate can be a complex process involving preparing forms, meeting deadlines, keeping records, generating reports, etc. Our probate attorney helps prevent personal liability by checking your paperwork for errors while marshaling assets. We also help clients obtain court authority before taking any action and help them serve notice to the appropriate parties within a specific deadline. While probate can take several years, our attorney helps executors attain a quick resolution by foreseeing potential delays and avoiding them.

  • Wills and last testament

Ranked among the top Parker County lawyers, Mark E. Harden helps clients decide what property to include in their will, aiding in legal proceedings, deciding who inherits what property, etc. Our attorney handles all aspects of both Wills and probate and can help you choose an executor, a guardian for your children, and help you store it safely.

More importantly, as one of the top-rated local attorneys, Mark appears in probate court on behalf of his clients and handles litigation. With several years of experience, Mark E. Harden is one of the reputed attorneys for estate planning and creating a will in Texas.

Your search for different types of lawyers in Parker County ends here. Call 817-613-8295 to schedule an appointment with our lawyer in Parker County. The Law Office of Mark E. Harden provides unsurpassed legal advice at affordable prices. We can help you secure your future and the financial safety of your loved ones by planning your estate. Contact us to learn more about forming wills and estate planning in Texas.

Lawyer Parker County