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Company Minutes Checklist

Company Minutes Checklist Print
What kinds of actions should I include in the Company Minutes?

During the past year, has the Company has taken any of the following actions?  If so, be sure to describe the action and document the reasons for those decisions.

◊ Amended the Operating Agreement
◊ Amended the Articles of Organization
◊ Changed a Member/Manager’s name/ address
◊ Added/Removed a Member or Manager
◊ Changed the Company name
◊ Dissolved the Company
◊ Changed the Statutory Agent or address of the Statutory Agent
◊ Issued additional interests to an existing member
◊ Made changes to federal or state tax status
◊ Made distributions to a Member
◊ Paid annual salary, bonus or any other compensation and/or expense allowance to
◊ Changes in Capital
◊ Instituted an assignment for benefit of creditors
◊ Filed for bankruptcy
◊ Changed any Bank Accounts
◊ Changed the names of those authorized to act in connection with bank accounts (i.e. sign checks)
◊ Borrowed from a Bank; credit cards or credit lines established or renewed
◊ Loaned money to/from Members, Managers or employees
◊ Entered into or renewed an existing Lease of real property for your business?
◊ Purchased real estate?
◊ Purchased or leased personal property (ex. vehicles, equipment, furniture, computers, etc.)
◊ Merged, consolidated or acquired a business?
◊ Sold any or all business assets?
◊ Adopted or terminated a pension plan, 401(k), SEP or profit sharing plan
◊ Contributed to pension plan, 401(k), SEP or profit sharing plan
◊ Employ professional advisors (ex. CPA/financial advisor or attorney, etc.)
◊ Filed or defended any lawsuits
◊ Adopted employee manual, policies, or procedures
◊ Entered into an employment agreement with an employee or independent contractor
◊ Entered into a partnership, joint venture or similar business arrangement
◊ Purchased life insurance on any Member, Manager or key employee
◊ Changed insurance polices or agents
◊ Engaged in any other material transaction including transaction with any Member, Manager or key employee?

Be sure to list any other Company action taken THIS YEAR.