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Amending The LLCs Name

Amending The LLCs Name
If the you decide to amend your company’s name, you will first have to comply with the Arizona Corporation Commission’s (ACC’s) Amendment procedures and file Articles of Amendment which identify the existing name and the desired new name.  Once the Articles of Amendment are approved, you will have to publish the approved Articles of Amendment for three consecutive publications.  More details regarding the amendment process can be found here.  

There are a few things you need to do know  during the process of changing your business name.   Once the name change is approved by the ACC, you should contact your customers, vendors, bank, licensing agencies, IRS and all third parties with whom you conduct business to put them on notice that you have changed your company name.  You can prepare a notice to send to them and make sure you keep a copy of the letter.  You also need to change all of your company material to reflect the new name, including your letterhead, business cards, invoices, marketing material, and website, and all other materials and documents that contain your Company name.

The IRS requirements for changing your name can be found here.

To change your company name with Arizona Department of Revenue for all your applicable tax, use and withholding licenses, you can obtain the necessary form here.
For additional assistance on amending your company, please contact us as we provide these services as well.