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Choosing the right LLC Package

Choosing the right LLC Package Print
How do I know which package is right for me?

Our goal is to help you not only create your legal entity, but also create an amazingly successful business.  We know our resources will help you do just that.  So whether this is your first company or your tenth, we have created a package that is perfect for you.

For comparative side-by-side information about our packages, click here to see our chart.
When you’ve decided on which package is best for you, be sure to review all of the LLC Formation page in its entirety.  Then, click the “Start Now” button to the right to get started.  Login and click “Step One” to begin the process!

The Platinum Package is the ultimate package to provide your business with a firm foundation to create an amazingly successful business.  We have included the tools that we believe will take you to the next level of success.  We connect you with an accountant to obtain your EIN and provide you with a Small Business Accounting Guide, which is vital to every business.  We give you access to our dedicated Coach Joelle and the 60 Days to Success Program that she created for Platinum Members.  We have the Science of Getting Rich for you to download because we believe is a must read for every business owner to make sure you create a success mind set.  As a Platinum Member, you also recieved consultations with a business attorney and marketing strategist.  The Platinum Package is designed for those who are serious about their business and are committed to success.

The Gold Package provides you with all the legal documents that you need to form and operate your LLC.  In addition to the services provided in the Silver Package, we prepare an Operating Agreement (which is the governing document for the LLC’s administration and operation) and the company’s Organizational Minutes. We also provide you with a Start Up Checklist to help you as you start setting up your business. The Gold Package provides you with the basics that every business owner should have when setting up an LLC.

The Silver Package is designed for individuals who are very familiar with setting up LLC’s: they already have Operating Agreements that will effectively serve the company’s purpose and provide for its administration and the members are comfortable preparing the Company’s Minutes. This Silver Package serves as a filing and publication service – it will prepare the Articles, file them with the Corporation Commission and publish them once they are approved.

*State & Publication Fees are mandatory on all packages: State Expedited Filing Fee — $85.00 Publication Fee in Maricopa County — $36.00