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Retarget To Optimize


Retarget To Optimize


Using Retargeting to Optimize Your Web Search Marketing Efforts

A significant amount of effort goes into driving traffic to your Web site and making sure consumers enjoy a memorable experience while browsing through your content. Regardless, a large percentage of potential consumers will leave a Web site prior to taking the desired action – whether that is to complete a Web form or to make a purchase. What if you could follow them after they leave, dropping hints that they need to return and finish what they started? You can – it’s called retargeting.

Retargeting is a way to strategically display ads to people who have already pre-qualified themselves by visiting your site. In its most basic form, retargeting involves dropping a cookie on the hard drive of a visitor who reaches the Web site through alternative marketing efforts such as organic or paid search, e-mail marketing, online display advertising, etc. Once the visitor leaves the website, they will be served display ads on other sites they visit, promoting your Web site products and services and reminding them to return and take the appropriate action.

For example, while searching for a new car, a Web user visits the Web site to check out the new Highlander. After they leave, they are served Highlander ads driving them back to the site to build their own model and submit an inquiry for a quote.

A website owner can choose to retarget every visitor who hits their website or different rules can be applied. Retargeting can apply to those who reached the Web site via a pay-per-click ad, or those who got to a certain point in the purchase process – there are a variety of strategies to further qualify the lead prior to retargeting.

Retargeting bridges the gap between search marketing and display – it is a natural complement and a low-cost means of closing the loop on existing promotional efforts.

Prepared by Isreal Young, SomoSEO

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