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Create The Entity


Create The Entity!Print
Are you ready to form your LLC or Corporation?

The next step is to officially form the entity with the AZ Corporation Commission (ACC), the agency that governs the formation of LLCs and Corporations in Arizona.   Your company officially “exists” on the day the Articles are approved by the ACC*.  So, form the company as soon as you can!

The process to form the entity:

1. File the Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation with the ACC.

  • Articles of Organization are used to form an LLC.
  • Articles of Incorporation are used to form a Corporation.
  • Filing Fees:  Visit the ACC website for most recent fees


2. When the Articles are approved, the ACC will return to you:

  • The Articles stamped with the filing date and the ACC’s File Number associated with the newly formed company.
  • A letter from the ACC confirming the Articles were approved.
  • You need to publish the Articles for 3 consecutive publications in the county in which the business is located.

You will also be able to confirm your company’s status on the ACC website.

3. Discuss obtaining an Employer ID Number (EIN) with your accountant. We strongly recommend that you apply for an EIN, even if you will not be hiring employees right away – or ever!  The IRS website has additional information.

4. Open the company’s bank account. The bank will require:

  • Your company’s full legal name (including “LLC” or “Inc”).
  • The approved Articles.  Be sure to wait until your Articles are officially approved.
  • The Federal EIN.
  • The names of your company’s designated signers.  These individuals should be carefully documented in your minutes.


5.  Final Steps.  Once you receive the Affidavit of Publication from the publisher confirming the articles were published as required by law, all legal steps have been met and your company is officially formed.  It is important to prepare company minutes documenting all actions taken to set up the company.  You should create governing documents for the company’s operation and administration, which includes an Operating Agreement for an LLC or Bylaws for a corporation.

~~ Form your Entity now! ~~

If you would like our assistance to form your entity, please contact our office at 520.222.6434.   

*The ACC may not immediately approve your Articles if there is incorrect or incomplete information.  Therefore, be sure to wait until you have received the approved Articles before engaging in any business operations. Otherwise, you may end up being personally liable for resulting expenses or contracts.  For this reason, we encourage filing your Articles with Expedited Service.