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Start Up Checklist

Start-Up Checklist

✅  Choose a business based on your skills and interests

✅  Research the business idea

✅  What is the product or service you will sell

✅  Is it legal or are there any legal issues related to it

✅  What laws do you need to comply with

✅  Who are your customers – will they buy your product/service and how often

✅  Are you willing to do what it takes to sell the product

✅  What will it cost to produce, advertise, sell & deliver your product/service

✅  Can you make a profit – be realistic with your numbers!

✅  How long will it take to make a profit – most people underestimate the timeframe

✅  Who is your competition

✅  Choose a business name

✅  Research and Verify the right to use the name

✅  Google the proposed name and see what’s out there

✅  Check the AZ Corporation Commission – Check Name Availability.

✅  Check US Patent and Trademark Office

✅  See if the business name is available as a domain name

✅  Reserve the name with the AZ Corporation Commission or file a tradename with the AZ Secretary of State

✅  Register the domain name

✅  Write a business plan

✅  Decide which business structure will work best for your business and form it

✅  Open a company bank account

✅  Establish a relationship with your banker

✅  Obtain adequate and reliable financing

✅  Establish a relationship with a strategic advising team, including attorney, accountant, insurance agent, marketing and PR, web designer, financial planner, etc.

✅  Choose a location for your business

✅  Check zoning laws and requirements for your business

✅  Talk to the Economic Development department in the cities in which you want to operate your business

✅  Order equipment, supplies and inventory

✅  Obtain signage for the business

✅  Obtain business licenses and permits

✅  Examples of Licenses/Permits:  EIN, Arizona State tax id number, Arizona state and local jurisdiction transaction privilege tax license (if required for your business), unemployment withholding, city license, county taxes, etc.

✅  Set up an Accounting and Record-Keeping System

✅  Learn how to use technology to streamline your business operations

✅  Obtain business insurance – work with a business agent to understand your risks and which coverages are appropriate for your business

✅  Obtain health and disability insurance

✅  Obtain workers compensation insurance if you hire employees

✅  Systemize and organize – create your business processes

✅  Develop a marketing plan – create your brand and business identity

✅  Design business cards, stationery, invoices, etc

✅  Design a web site

✅  Protect your intellectual property

✅  Register your trademarks with the state or US Patent and Trademark office

✅  Register copyrights

✅  Apply for patents

✅  Hire employees or contractors

✅  Hire a payroll company to handle your payroll if you have employees

✅  Network at business events and get the word out about your business

✅  Join a Chamber of Commerce and get involved in the community

✅  Hold a Grand Opening to celebrate the opening of your business