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The Business Of The Tour

The Business Of The Tour
The Business of the Tour

These are the days when I arrive a bit late to the office.  Not because the summer heat slows me down or because it’s hard to get my dog to come inside or because there are fewer early morning meetings.  No, I’m late because I’m addicted to the Tour de France.

It started out innocently – enjoying the pictures of the French countryside.  There was something enticing about seeing those lush green fields while knowing that 110-degree desert heat waited outside the door.  And then I actually started paying attention to the sport, to the science and to the strategy.  I was fascinated by how the peloton caught the breakaway and how the sprinters raced to the finish.  I even took a side tour to Paris while vacationing in Brussels just to catch Lance Armstrong take number six on the Champs d’Elysées – and I have pictures!

But like any sport, the Tour is more than an entertaining contest, it’s a business.  And the lessons of the Tour can apply to your business as well:

Get ready for the long haul.  Even the sprinters are on the bike for hours a day, day after day, for three long weeks.

Have the right equipment available
.  It’s unusual but not unheard of to lose several tires a day.  Without the proper replacement you’re out of the race.

Know your competition.  Is the person coming up behind you a real threat or likely to tire out before the end?

Have the right tools, and upgrade them regularly.  A more streamlined helmet can knock seconds off your time.

Plan ahead. Greater familiarity with the road ahead makes it easier to navigate those sharp turns.

Expect the unexpected.  You never know when a bystander will leap out and block your path.

Assemble a great team.  From the “domestique” racing before you to the driver of the support vehicle, you can’t do it alone.

Work for the greater good.  You may have to take a back seat for the team to succeed.

Never give up.  You won’t finish the race if you don’t think you can.

Be prepared.  Constantly train, educate and motivate your team.

The Tempe Chamber helps businesses prepare for the race.  We smooth the road before you by advocating on behalf on businesses.  We train your team through staff development programs.  We connect you to the tools you need through networking and resource development.  We support you for the long haul.  After all, your success is our business!

Prepared by Mary Ann Miller, President & CEO, Tempe Chamber of Commerce,